At Pegasus Consulting, we bring a wealth of experience to enable and transform businesses. Our focus areas are the MSMEs – Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises that make up the huge segment of industry and our solutions are customized to suit every need and budget.



We believe that every company is on a unique trajectory and hence building a uniquely customized solution  is the foundation of their success. Our team’s strength lies in our experience in identifying new market strategies for aggressive expansion, planning change management solutions to take on these new markets, redesigning the organization and scaling up all the tiers /departments to meet the new challenges and even reskilling the leadership and executive teams to deliver to this new goal.

We work directly with the leadership of our clients to identify their challenges accurately, design a customized solution, implement the change and support/mentor the team till they are on the path to success.

National Recognition: ISSDA's Award for Long Term Contribution to the Industry

Our Solutions

At Pegasus Consulting, we believe in first understanding the client’s need for change and the resulting strategy they are adopting before we dive into offering solutions. At the start of our engagement, we thoroughly explore these aspects and based on our analysis, we jointly identify the challenges being faced in implementing this strategy. Then, based on the experience and expertise of our team we offer solutions that will overcome these hurdles and help strengthen the implementation of the strategy.

Our solutions are multi-dimensional and where appropriate cover different tiers of the enterprise. They also look at the different departments involved (corporate, finance, sales & marketing, production etc.) in the implementation and ensure they are all in sync.

Based on our client’s priorities and requirements these solutions can either be applied gradually (department or tier at a time) or in an integrated manner. Apart from the mentoring and the training mentioned in the solutions below, we also provide hands-on assistance in implementing all of our solutions.