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At Pegasus Consulting, we bring a wealth of cross industry / sector experience and are driven to provide individually customized solutions to suit the scalability and change management demands of our clients.

We believe that every company is on a unique trajectory and hence building a uniquely customized solution for them is the foundation of their success.

Our team’s strength comes from their experience in identifying new market strategies for aggressive expansion, planning change management solutions to take on these new markets, redesigning the organization and scaling up all the tiers /departments to meet the new challenges and even reskilling the leadership and executive teams to deliver to this new goal.

We work directly with the leadership of our clients to identify their challenges accurately, design a customized solution for it, implement the change and support/mentor the team till they are confident of success.



Our team at Pegasus Consulting consists of former CEO’s, and Senior Executives of large MNCs and Indian Enterprises across the InfoTech, Oil & Gas, Metals and Communications sectors. We bring experience and expertise and excel in rapidly growing small and medium enterprises.

We understand what it takes to grow an enterprise from a fledgling to a fully thriving large corporate. We have mentored several teams to rise up to the demands of rapid growth and helped create leaders capable of designing and implementing successful strategies and managing large enterprises and SBU’s on their own.

Given our cross sector experience, apart from management solutions, we are also able to provide solutions to our clients on technical aspects in various industries and hence help them expand technically as well.

Having successfully gone through the rigor of expanding companies, we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises and are committed to helping them grow rapidly.

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